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Dr. Maria Fadiman

Maria Fadiman PhD

I work with the relationship between people and plants, focusing on conservation and sustainability. I am a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, professor of Geography at Florida Atlantic University and a writer of academic articles and adventure essays. I enjoy fieldwork, teaching, writing, giving public lectures and getting people excited about the environmental human connection in any way I can! 


Dr. Maria Fadiman booklet useful plants Ha people Bubango Tanzania Africa National Geographic

Funded by a National Geographic Genographic Legacy Grant, Grace Gobbo and I created a collaborative booklet of the useful plants of the Ha people of Bubango, Tanzania, Africa. The community now has a lasting record of their own knowledge.

Amazon indigenous cultures effects oi exploration National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Working with a team of National Geographic Emerging Explorers and Artists, we documented through film, writing, photography and installation art the effects of oil exploration in the Amazon on  indigenous cultures.

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