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Featured Explorer National Geographic/Cengage Textbooks:

Featured Explorer and Storyteller in Voices (2022)

Featured Explorer in Exploremos! (2016)

Featured Explorer in National Geographic Language Mission Textbook (2013)

Featured Explorer in Life Science Textbook (2011)

Featured Explorer in  World English 2, ESL Textbook Textbook(2008)

National Geographic Funded Research Projects

Meridian Collaboration Grant: PI

    • Climate Migration at the Extremes: Linguistic and Ethnobotanical Adaptations of Kapingamarangi Islanders, Micronesia. (2022)

 Expeditions Council Grant, Collaborator

    • Blue Holes National Park: Mapping and Community Ecological Collaboration (Bahamas) (2016)

Genographic Legacy Grant:

    • People and Plants: Useful Plants of Bubango Community (Tanzania) (2014)

        • Plant lore and environmental understanding in Mwamgongo (Tanzania) (2017)

Adventure Ecology:

     • Amazonian Oil Exploration: Contradictions on Culture and Environment. (Ecuador) (2009)

Emerging Explorer Funding:

     • Wild Food Plants: Balancing Conservation and Utilization in Ecuador (South America) (2009)

          • How Cultural Awareness and Ingenuity Benefits Forest Stewardship Council Certification in

      the Developing World: Case Study in Zimbabwe, Africa. (Africa) (2008)

     •  “Starvation Taught me Art”: Tree Poaching, Gender and Cultural Shifts in Wood Curio Carving

       in Zimbabwe.  (Africa) (2008)


National Geographic/American Geographical Society, Global Food and Land Use, NYC, NY (2022).

National Geographic Explorer Classroom, Why Plants Matter,  virtual teaching (2020).


National Geographic Explorer Classroom  Trees and ethnobotany, virtual teaching (2019)


National Geographic Explorers' Festival lightening round, Ethnobotany with the people of Tanzania, Washington D.C. (2019)


National Geographic Sciencetelling Bootcamp, Ethnobotanical Knowledge 

Transference in Ecuador and Tanzania, Washington D.C. (2018) 

National Geographic Explorers’ Festival, “Lightening Round” Ethnobotany

of the Olep, Rukha, Bhutan, Washington D.C. (2018)


National Geographic Explorers’ Festival, “Exploration in Progress” Ethnobotanical o

outreach in Blue Holes, Abaco , Washington D.C. (2017)

National Geographic Explorers’ Symposium, “Exploration in Progress” Ethnobotanical

booklet; Tanzania, Africa , Washington D.C. (2016)


National Geographic Explorers’ Symposium, “Exploration in Progress” People and

Plants: Tanzania, Africa , Washington D.C. (2015)

National Geographic and Cengage, Dinner Keynote Speaker, MEXTesol: Language

and Environment:Connecting People, Plants and Communication. Queretaro,


Grade school science day: Keynote speaker, National Geographic Science Textbooks

Making Science Applicable, Ottowa, IL (2012)

     Student Science Day, National Geographic Science Textbooks Science: Rainforest Life,

Springfield, MO (2012)

Super Science Saturday Keynote Speaker, National Geographic Science Textbooks 

Ethnobotany and science education, Houston, TX (2012)

Super Science Saturday Keynote Speaker, National Geographic Science Textbooks

Mixing Science and Culture, Lee County, FL (2011)

 National Geographic Fairmont Hotel Series, Yucatan Ethnobotany: Humans and the

Environment, Fairmont Hotel, Mayakoba, Mexico (2011)


          National Science Teachers’ Association, Special National Geographic Session, Teaching  

Science and Culture: Conservation and Education, San Francisco (2011)

    National Geographic Science Textbooks, Ethnobotany and the Importance of Science

Education, Indiana (2010)


     National Geographic and Heinle Publishing, Culture, Science and Language: Making

the Connection. Chile, Uruguay and Argentina (2010)


            National Geographic, “Closer Look” Series, Tree Use and Empowering Tibetan Children,

National Geographic Society, Washington D.C. (2010)


   National Geographic, Enduring Voices Symposium, Poster Odd conservation:Forest

preservation through use. Washington, D.C. (2008)

     National Geographic Explorer’s Symposium, Ethnobotany, Washington, D.C. (2007)


    National Geographic, National Geographic Live! Ethnobotany, Ecuador and Africa.

Washington, D.C. (2006)


National Geographic, Explorer's Symposium, Ethnobotanical work, Washington,

D.C. (2006)

Part of the National Geographic Speakers Bureau since 2016

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